Christopher P. Valle-Riestra
Attorney at Law

Alameda County Superior Court 
Telephone Directory

(Digits after the first seven digits in the numbers listed below may be entered to bypass messages in voice mail or automated answering systems.)

Main Courthouse, County Administration Building,
And Post Office Building, Oakland

All numbers are in the (510) area code.

Accounting Division: 272-6759
or 272-6761
Appeals: 272-6780
or 272-6173
Arbitration Administrator: See Hayward listing
Civil and probate calendar: 272-6739
Civil Division (including limited civil cases): 891-6003 or 272-6503
Copy work and forms: 272-6799
Court Interpreter: 272-6080
Court Operations Division: 271-5143
Assistant Court Support Services Coordinator: 272-6075
Courtroom clerks (Supervising Court Clerks): 272-6744
Criminal Calendar: 272-6767
Criminal Division: 272-6779
Dept. 1 (Presiding Judge): 272-6040
Dept. 15: 272-6124
Fax: 893-4948
Dept. 24 (Judge Patrick J. Zika): 267-6940
Fax:  267-1509
Dept. 31--Law and Motion for cases not assigned to a single judge (8:30 a.m. - Noon, 1:00-4:00 p.m., telephone hours 8:30 a.m. - Noon, 2:30-4:00 p.m.) Fax: 268-4835
  Front office clerk (contact to set a hearing or ex parte appointment): 268-5103
Courtroom clerk: 268-5105
Tentative rulings (5:00 p.m. 2 days ahead): 208-3939
Executive Officer and Jury Commissioner: 272-6070
Fax: 271-5130
Assistant Executive Officers:
Family Court Services: 272-6030
Fax: 272-6023
Division Assistant: 272-6027
Dennis Hamlett: 272-6030
Family Law Unit: 208-4900 or 208-4935
Fax: 208-4938
  Regina Davis, Supervisor: 272-6755
  Leo: 267-9424
Files Section, Civil: 272-6763
Files Section, Criminal: 272-6777
Fax: 272-0796
Filing Section (Bullpen):
Civil: 272-6002-0
Probate: 272-6793
Recorded message: 272-6784
Fiscal and Administrative Services Division: 272-5035
Fiscal Services Supervisor: 272-6762
Fax: 272-0796
Administrative Services Coordinator: 272-6300
Fax: 272-6398
Forms and copy work: 272-6799
General Business Section: 272-6790
Information Technology: 268-7841
Judgments: 272-6799
Judicial & Management Services Division: 272-6066
Fax: 271-5130
Jury information: 272-6020
Jury Services Coordinator: 272-5003
Fax: 271-5130
Juvenile: 268-7373
Juvenile Court Services: 272-7374
Fax: 268-4169
Juvenile Court Programs Court Appointed Special Advocate: 268-7297
Fax: 268-7101
Juvenile Justice NETWORK Project: 268-4104
Youth Skills Development Project: 601-6497
Fax: 601-1793
Master calendar (Giza Lewis): 208-4890
Mental Health: 272-6749
Fax: 272-0796
Naturalization: 874-7147
Notary licenses: 272-6790
Operations: 891-8950
Payroll services: 272-5086
Personnel services: 208-3980
Job information: 208-3906
Fax: 272-0796
Probate--Court Investigator Division (Judith Crosby, Director): 636-8820 or 272-6010
  Officer of the Day: 636-3820
Uncontested calendar: 272-6738

Washington Street Courthouse, Oakland
(Limited Civil Cases and Small Claims Have Been
Permanently Transferred to the Main Oakland Courthouse)

All numbers are in the (510) area code.

Wiley W. Manuel Self Help Center: 268-7221


All numbers are in the (510) area code.

Accounting Division (Linda Fisher):  
Arbitration Administrator:  
Assistant Executive Officer:  
Civil Division (incl. limited civil cases):: 690-2705
  Emily Williams, Supervising Clerk, Civil Division:  
Default and default judgments by clerk (Grace Frye):  
Dept. 510:  
Dept. 511 (Don Naylor, Court Attendant)  
Dept. 512: 690-2854
Fax: 267-1529
Dept. 514:  
Dept. 520:  
Exhibit Clerk:  
Family Court Services:  
Patricia Kaplan, Supervising Counselor:  
Family Law Unit:  
Files Section:  
Filing Section (Bullpen):  
Information (recorded message):  
Jury information:  
Law and motion calendar (for cases not assigned to a single judge, all hearings in Oakland): 670-6634
Master calendar (non-jury cases):  
Probate--Court Investigator Division, South & East County Division (Lynette Norcup, Director):  
Probate calendar (Bullpen):  
Probate Clerk (Delaine; 8:30 a.m. to Noon, 1:30 to 5:00 p.m. ThF; continuances):  
Probate pregranted and late-granted matters (3:30 p.m. 1 day ahead):  
Research Attorneys:  
Small Claims Division: 690-2705


All numbers are in the (510) area code.

Calendar:  551-6886
Clerk: 551-6883-0
Family Court Services: 551-6892
Fax: 463-3024

San Leandro

All numbers are in the (510) area code.

Files and calendar:  667-4910
Fax: 667-4919
Juvenile Traffic Division: 667-4904
Fax: 667-4919

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