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Information on California Legal Topics

Here you can view information on topics of interest to creditors, lawyers, businesspersons, and consumers.  Please note that the focus is on California law.  Much of this information does not apply to claims against persons in other states. Also included are selected links to other Internet sites.

Disclaimer: I am the author of some of the information you can reach from here; some of it was written by others. If you read one of these articles, it does not mean that I have given you any legal advice. It will be the same as if you read the information in a book in the library. If you want to gather information from various sources, and then act as your own lawyer, you have that right. If some of the information turns out to have been wrong, you'll be on your own. I will give you professional advice, on which you will have a right to rely, only if you consult me and we both agree that you are hiring me as your lawyer. (Sadly, this is currently a very short list, due to a number of useful Web sites having disappeared.)

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