Christopher P. Valle-Riestra
Attorney at Law

Fee Arrangements

My usual rate on hourly fee cases is $225 per hour.

If you bring me a debt collection case, and I think that we have a reasonable prospect of being able to collect at least a part of what is due, through economical means, I will usually offer you a choice of hourly or contingent fee arrangements. Contingent fee rates on debt collection cases typically range from 25 to 50 percent, with a rate between one-third and 40 percent being most common. Ordinarily, I will ask you to cover out-of-pocket costs, as they are incurred. Such costs will include, for example, court filing fees, costs of service of process, travel expenses, and photocopying charges. I may ask you for an advance retainer to cover a portion of anticipated costs. When a recovery is obtained, you will first be repaid any costs that you have advanced in connection with my work for you. Any contingent fee rate will be calculated by applying the rate to the net amount actually collected, after reimbursement of out-of-pocket costs.

In a few types of cases, such as probate cases in which the attorney is counsel for the executor or other personal representative, the attorney's fee is set by the court according to standards established by law. In a few other types of cases, the amount of any attorney's fee is set or limited by law. In most situations, however, the amount of any attorney's fee is determined by negotiated agreement between the attorney and the client.

To obtain a fee proposal, please contact me with information on your case.

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